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In surfing, glassy describes perfect conditions; when there’s no wind or chop, and instead the surface of the water—waves and all—is smooth as glass. It’s easy, it’s effortless, it’s ideal.

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Air Travel

Ask a Flight Attendant: How clean is my plane?

[Pours entire bottle of hand sanitizer on body.]

by Kendra Mills | 03.04.2018

From getting on the plane without being forced to check your bag to finding something that’s actually edible (and TSA-approved) to eat, there’s more to flying high than just booking an aisle seat.

Cue Kendra Mills: Every month, the wellness-loving flight attendant for a major airline (sorry, our lips are sealed) answers your burning questions.

This month The Glassy’s asking: 

Real talk: Are airplanes really cleaned between flights?

I’m kind of a germaphobe, so I notice small things. They do clean the seats between flights, but I’ve seen too many instances where they’ve clearly missed a spot.

In other words: It wouldn’t hurt to wipe down your armrest and tray table, unless you’re trying to build up your immune system.

What I’ve learned working as a flight attendant is that people are disgusting. I’ve seen people prop their feet up on the tray table next to them! And in general, people don’t wash their hands—that would be another reason to wipe down your armrest. Anything near something going in your mouth, I’d wipe it down.

And while I’ve seen people clean the bathroom, they’re probably not cleaning it the way I’d clean my home. So if I can help it, I actually don’t use the bathroom on the plane. Don’t give yourself a UTI, but…use the bathroom before you board the plane.

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