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The best yoga, fitness and surf retreats in November 2018
Photo: Alexander Ramsey/Unsplash

The best November retreats to book ASAP

Who says you have to go home for Thanksgiving?

by Clark Williams | 10.04.2018

For when your PTO days are precious and your trip-planning time is limited, there are retreats: organized escapes that have the added bonus of helping you master the yoga headstand, learn to prepare raw food, make it a week without talking, or just generally feel chill af.

While there’s sometimes “work” involved (hey, emotional breakthroughs don’t just happen), it’s a different kind of work than what you might usually deal with in the office and often happens far away from the stresses of everyday life. Best of all? You just need to show up at the retreat, and the rest is taken care of. (In case The Glassy’s ultra-curated city guides still require too much trip planning.)

Here are the top retreats around the globe this November—from long weekends to multi-day intensives—that are so worth the vacation days.

Wild Aquarian Women retreat with Soul Adventures in Ibiza, Spain

When: November 1 -4
What: Prepare to roar at this four-day, Kundalini-centric retreat that’s all about letting that inner goddess loose. (Their words, not ours.) In addition to meditation and yoga classes, there will be workshops focused on harnessing your energy–and gongs. Lots of gongs.

Abhinaya retreat in Dunton Hot Springs, CO

When: November 8-11
What: Work out in the crisp, fall air. Soak in healing water. Sip tea while connecting with like-minded individuals. This four-day retreat is basically fall #goals. Email directly for more deets and to reserve your spot.

Chica Brava surf camp in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When: November 10-17
What: If you’re dead-set on nailing your pop up by the end of the week, opt for Chica Brava rather than booking a room at Maderas Village. The ladies-only surf camp is less about the scene (although you’ll be staying right in the middle of San Juan del Sur) and more about the surf.

Heart of Devotion with Sharon Salzberg and Krishna Das in Scotts Valley, CA

When: November 16-18
What: If you’re that person who loves to remind everyone, “Sharon Salzberg’s book changed my life,” here’s your chance to experience the beloved meditation guru’s take on opening up to love IRL at 1440 Multiversity.

Chica Brava surf retreat in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When: November 17-24
What: The ladies-only surf camp’s home base this week is at their Cloud Farm location, a low-key jungle villa on 500 acres of land–organic garden included. Expect good food and even better surf.

Beach Bum Bootcamp with Ketanga Fitness in Parrita, Costa Rica

When: November 21-26
What: Turkey and stuffing not your thing? Head south for this week-long beachy bootcamp. Think sweat sessions in the a.m., restorative classes in the p.m., and everything from surf lessons to ziplining in the afternoons (because duh).

Introduction to Ayurveda in Stockbridge, MA

When: November 25-30
What: Can’t tell your vata from your pitta? This five-day retreat at Kripalu is meant to give you the foundational pieces to get your dosha on. And because ayurveda is kind of a life practice, you’ll learn everything from breathing exercises to cooking hacks.

Transform Your Life with EMT Tapping in Scotts Valley, CA

When: November 30-December 2
What: Emotional Freedom Techniques–better known as EFT–is a healing modality that some swear dissolves their anxiety and physical pain. (It’s like a version of accupressure you can do on yourself.) Try it yourself at this multi-day retreat with Dawson Church, PhD.

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