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Here’s the only crystal you need on your next trip

"It's like magic on-the-go."

by Rebecca Willa Davis | 06.16.2018
Mark and Martin from Spellbound Sky

Mark and Martin from Spellbound Sky (Photo: Diana Zalucky)

“Everyone’s got their thing that they collect when they travel—you know, like shot glasses. For us, it’s crystals!”

Welcome to the world of Mark Phillips, who along with Martin Anguiano founded the high-vibe store Spellbound Sky in Los Angeles (which, through June 25, has a residency at the Whitney Shop in New York City, proffering crystals, limited-edition ritual kits, and one-on-one energy sessions in the museum’s lobby). The duo know their way around the metaphysical—and that applies to when they travel, too.

But crystals can do more than just serve as the ultimate souvenir. “Crystals transmit energy in a very concise, perfect, uninterrupted frequency—that’s why they’re used in cell phones, watches, and computers—so the science aspect of it is provable,” explains Anguiano. “But for us, we use crystals to harmonize and balance our electromagnetic fields to bring us into a place of tranquility and peace.”

Delayed flights? Overbooked hotel? Awful weather? Nope, can’t imagine a single reason why you might need some peace when traveling.

“Crystals are a perfect way to preset the intention of what you want to be all about with that specific trip.”

The good news is that you don’t have to pull out your largest suitcase in order to bring the good energy on the road with you. Phillips notes that even small stones, bracelets, or necklaces will do the trick. “We wear so much jewelry, so that kind of kills two birds with one stone—you can have this bad-ass fashion statement and then you’re still working with crystals as well,” he says while pointing to the massive quartz hanging around his neck. “It’s like magic on-the-go.”

But if you really don’t want to leave home without your massive tourmaline? “It doesn’t have to take up a ton of luggage space…but if you do want to go balls out, we have a client who turned us on to a trick,” Phillips tells me. “They bought a really cheap gun case online—when you open it up it has all of this foam in it. So they put in all of their next-level crystals and took it as a carry-on! TSA knew it was a gun case and they opened it up, and our client said, ‘This is my artillery!'”

Whether you’re looking to carry some metaphysical heat or just want a pocket-sized stone that can help you handle jet lag, Phillips breaks down the perfect crystal for every travel situation.

Best travel crystals

Photo: Spellbound Sky/Instagram

If you’re looking to have a serious adventure, go with: labradorite

“When you’re traveling there are a lot of trips where, even if it’s more mundane for work, you can approach it from a different angle. Labradorite has a magical energy—it’s one of my favorite, favorite ones [for travel], because it’s inspiring you to think outside of the box, shake things up, and be a little more adventurous.”

If you can’t sleep if you’re in a new place, go with: lepidolite or scolecite

“Some people have no trouble sleeping in their own bed, but the minute they’re somewhere else…. So we suggest de-stressing stones like lepidolite or scolecite, which are stones you can hold.”

If you’re dealing with some weird Airbnb vibes, go with: selenite

“Sometimes you feel uncomfortable burning sage if you’re staying at a place like The Standard [laughs], so I do think that something like selenite is a really good idea. A selenite wand is a great travel piece; you can use it for meditation, and then of course energetically you can use it to cleanse your space too. It creates cleansing without that physical sage-ing.”

If you need some positive synchronicity, go with: malachite

“It’s called the traveler’s stone and has a little bit of protection and a little bit of prosperity. It also helps people get in alignment with what they want their trip to be. Crystals are a perfect way to preset the intention of what you want to be all about with that specific trip. Often we’re doing a lot of other things but we’re not thinking about the energy we want to bring forward; so I think it’s important to add mystical elements to your travel kit.”

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