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Best wellness retreats in June 2018
Photo: Courtesy of Yogascapes

The best June retreats to book ASAP

You could spend your summer solstice hanging out in Icelandic hot springs, NBD.

by Clark Williams | 05.07.2018

For when your PTO days are precious and your trip-planning time is limited, there are retreats: organized escapes that have the added bonus of helping you master the yoga headstand, learn to prepare raw food, make it a week without talking, or just generally feel chill af.

While there’s sometimes “work” involved (hey, emotional breakthroughs don’t just happen), it’s a different kind of work than what you might usually deal with in the office and often happens far away from the stresses of everyday life. Best of all? You just need to show up at the retreat, and the rest is taken care of. (In case The Glassy’s ultra-curated city guides still require too much trip planning.)

Here are the top retreats around the globe this spring—from long weekends to multi-day intensives—that are so worth the vacation days.

Creative Myths and Monsters with Julia Cameron in Stockbridge, MA

When: June 1-3
What: There are two types of people: Those whose lives have been changed by Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and those who still haven’t picked up the book (yet). If you’re in the former camp, you’ll want to make your way to Kripalu for her weekend-long workshop all about turning your creative dreams into reality.

Surf With Amigas surf retreat near Chinandega, Nicaragua

When: June 2-9
What: Beginner-friendly waves are all within walking distance at this secluded, eco-resort in Northern Nica. If you’re lucky, surf pro (and retreat founder) Holly Beck will give you some tips. This week is co-ed and kid-friendly, FYI.

Soul Adventures’ Soul Medicine retreat in Ibiza, Spain

When: June 6-10
What: Five days of Kundalini yoga and meditation (with some shamanic practices mixed in because YOLO) meant to help you really turn that soul healing up to 11. Nutritional health specialist Mel Atkinson will be keeping you well fed, creating organic and locally sourced meals meant to maximize the whole food-as-medicine concept.

A Weekend to Celebrate the Plants in Rhineback, NY

When: June 8-10
What: You had us at “secret hotel.” Head upstate to spend the weekend with local-obsessed chef Danny Newburg and superstar herbalist Jessa Blades as they prep mind- and body-nourishing meals over a fire (plus healing sessions, plant workshops, and more) on a 200-acre biodynamic farm.

Empowered Life with Dana Falsetti in Stockbridge, MA

When: June 8-10
What: We heart Falsetti for her body-positive approach to yogaand her weekend workshop at Kripalu should be an IRL embodiment of that ethos. BYO notebook for some serious journaling (that is, when you’re not getting sweaty on your mat).

Invincible Living Technologies with Guru Jagat in Stockbridge, MA

When: June 8-10
What: Kripalu double-header alert: Kundalini queen Guru Jagat will be leading this weekend of yoga and meditation (no prior experience necessary, she promises).

Love Yoga x Sky Ting Yoga Retreat in Majorca, Spain

When: June 9-16
What: The coolest yoga studio on each coast…together? This might be the most ambitious crossover event in yoga retreat history. Also: The private villa has a pool and we bet that the Tempranillo will be flowing.

Chica Brava surf retreat in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When: June 9-16
What: If you’re dead-set on nailing your pop up by the end of the week, opt for Chica Brava rather than booking a room at Maderas Village. The ladies-only surf camp is less about the scene (although you’ll be staying right in the middle of San Juan del Sur) and more about the surf.

Yogascapes’ yoga retreat with Kerri Kelly in Sonoma, CA

When: June 15-17
What: Kelly is a legit force of natureand as the founder of CTZNWell, she’s actually talking about how to make wellness accessible to all. During this weekend retreat she’ll be focusing on getting do-it-all women to take a breather (including mat time, hiking time, and eating-ridiculously-delicious-food time), all on the dreamy Lotus Feed Farm property.

Soul Adventures’ summer solstice retreat in Ibiza, Spain

When: June 16-23
What: If the summer solstice is your personal New Year’s (AKA spiritual high point), spend the longest days of the year seriously recharging in deep Kundalini ritual. Bonus: The water-facing Xuclar Beach House is your base.

Yogascapes’ Yoga in the Midnight Sun retreat in Iceland

When: June 17-24
What: In a nutshell, daily yoga plus hot springs, glaciers, camel rides in the desert, and near-constant daylight. Yes, please.

Yoga For Bad People retreat in Zanzibar, Tanzania

When: June 17-24
What: A retreat for anyone who likes to carry a yoga mat in one hand and a cocktail in the other. By day you’ll be enjoying double yoga sessions, guided meditations, and group meals; by night you’ll be exploring Zanzibar (all-night dancing optional). Just try to keep up with YFBP founder Heather Lilleston, who will be co-leading this trip.

Wanderlust Festival in Bondville, VT

When: June 21-24
What: The Coachella of yoga festivals, with big-name acts like Seane Corn, Schuyler Grant, and Erin Telford rotating through various mega-sized classes (along with a slew corporate sponsors). This iteration goes down at Stratton in Vermont, so expect sweeping views of the Green Mountains as you hold your headstand.

Reclaim Your Power retreat with Sah and Moun D’Simone in Hurley, NY

When: June 22-24
What: This brother-sister duo are all about empowering the GSD crowd with science-backed tools and techniques to help them, well, GSD even better. There’s a little bit of meditation, a little bit of breathwork, a little bit of yoga, a little bit of journaling, and a whole lot of breakthroughs from Maha Rose North’s idyllic upstate spot.

WHOA’s Full Moon Summit in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

When: June 22-30
What: If you’re going to hike Mount Kilimanjaro (#goals), you might as well do it under the glow of a full moon…and with high-altitude dance parties. You’ll get both with this challenging seven-day trek with the super-friendly pros behind WHOA.

Surf With Amigas surf retreat near Chinandega, Nicaragua

When: June 23-30
What: Beginner-friendly waves are all within walking distance at this secluded, eco-resort in Northern Nica. If you’re lucky, surf pro (and retreat founder) Holly Beck will give you some tips.

ChiRunning at Stockbridge, CA

When: June 24-29
What: You run to stay in shape, you meditate to stay sane. But Danny Dreyer’s figured out a way to do both. He’s teaching his ChiRunning program at Kripalu, where you’ll learn how to hit your miles with less effort, more ease, and reduced risk of injury (insert emoji praise hands).


WHOA’s Adventure to Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru

When: June 27-July 4
What: A four-day trek to Machu Picchu via the Salcantay Trail (which is the cooler, less-traveled alternative to the Inca Trail). And because WHOA is girl powered, they’ll be connecting you with bad-ass local women along the way.

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