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Best yoga and fitness retreats in October 2018
Photo: Martin Adams/Unsplash

The best October retreats to book ASAP

17 reasons to take that PTO.

by Clark Williams | 08.29.2018

For when your PTO days are precious and your trip-planning time is limited, there are retreats: organized escapes that have the added bonus of helping you master the yoga headstand, learn to prepare raw food, make it a week without talking, or just generally feel chill af.

While there’s sometimes “work” involved (hey, emotional breakthroughs don’t just happen), it’s a different kind of work than what you might usually deal with in the office and often happens far away from the stresses of everyday life. Best of all? You just need to show up at the retreat, and the rest is taken care of. (In case The Glassy’s ultra-curated city guides still require too much trip planning.)

Here are the top retreats around the globe this October—from long weekends to multi-day intensives—that are so worth the vacation days.

Connection as a Way of Life retreat with Alanis Morissette in Scotts Valley, CA

When: October 4-7
What: Two words: Alanis Morissette. No, like, really: The musician is teaming up with some friends and hosting this three-day retreat centered around “holistic healing” (which we’ve interpreted to mean: lots of self reflection and emotional excavating).

Ketanga’s fitness retreat in Mallorca, Spain

When: October 4-8
What: In between your two-a-days (led by trainer Josh Grimm, who will make you do everything from HIIT to Tabata workouts), you’ll have time for mountain hikes, beach hopping, and wine tasting. Even better? 10% of proceeds will be donated to the LGBTQ-supporting Human Rights Campaign.

Accessing the Akashic Records retreat in Hurley, NY

When: October 5-7
What: A deep dive into your own records–your Akashic Records, that is (which some believe are an electromagnetic imprint of basically the universe). Think Soul Contracts, Soul Missions, and other whoa-so-esoteric ideas that some swear will change your life.

Yogascapes’ yoga retreat in Taos, NM

When: October 5-8
What: Practicing yoga in the land of Georgia O’Keefe? Yes, please. This extra-long weekend retreat also features an onsite chef (sourcing from the backyard whenever possible, natch) and some exploring of the surrounding landscape. Pack a paint set just in case the mood strikes.

Catskills Food and Wine Festival in Bloomingburg, NY

When: October 6-7
What: Cooking demos by wellness-obsessed chefs (a la Michael Chernow, the guy behind Seamore’s and healthy workout bev brand WellWell). And because dancing definitely counts as cardio, you can work up a sweat with the bands playing throughout the weekend, like the nu-disco Escort.

Yogascapes’ Amazon yoga retreat near Puyo, Ecuador

When: October 6-17
What: This retreat lets you go beyond the usual yoga-meditation-hike Yogascapes combo. Think plant medicine workshops, basket-weaving tutorials with locals, shamanic ceremonies, and more. Oh yeah, and you’ll be in the middle of the Amazon, NBD.

Canvus retreat to Havana, Cuba

When: October 11-14
What: A “travel company for all feminists”? Sign us up. Canvus focuses on connecting travelers with local women–from politicians to artists–to spark conversations around gender, power, and creativity. If that’s not a cornerstone of wellness,we don’t know what is.

India Yatra retreat with Guru Jagat in northern India

When: October 16-27
What: Who else would you want to make a pilgrimage to India with than Guru Jagat? (At least, if you’re of a certain Kundalini persuasion.) The Venice Beach-based spiritual leader will take you through sacred site activations…as well as help you do a little shopping. You’ll make stops in Amritsar, Sikkim, and Darjeeling during the 11-day trip.

Soul Wellness Method retreat in Olhao, Portugal

When: October 18-25
What: Move a little, explore a little, eat a little (okay, a lot)…. You get it all in this charming port city. The retreat’s base is Casa Fuzetta (think: late-19th century-era building), where you’ll be fed by a private chef and led through movement classes on the rooftop deck.

How to Be an Embodied Goddess retreat with Alexandra Roxo in Hurley, NY

When: October 19-21
What: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance, you’ll scream, you’ll do all four at the same time–all in the name of tapping into your divine feminine energy, courtesy of Moon Club co-founder (and total goddess) Alexandra Roxo. This is a way more intimate retreat than she’s recently led, which means all attendees will get one-on-one time with her.

The Great Shamanic Initiation in Stockbridge, MA

When: October 19-21
What: If you can’t swing a trip to Peru, head to Kripalu and spend a long weekend with traditional shamans from South America who have made the trip north.

Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack in Stockbridge, MA

When: October 21-26
What: Obsessed with Lindsay Mack’s tarot readings? (Raises hand.) You’ll get to learn about reading tarot and making spreads–as well as do some work around healing your own trauma– alongside the intuitive in this ultra-restorative retreat. Heads up: It’s BYO deck.

WHOA Travel trip in Rajasthan, India

When: October 21-November 3
What: The only thing better than this itinerary (which features rooftop yoga, cooking classes, and walking tours around Rajasthan) is the fact that you’ll be supporting a range of local charitable organizations, from Women on Wheels to the New Delhi Street Kids Project.

Coming Home retreat with Alison Wu, Shannon Sims, and Hannah Rae in Los Angeles, CA

When: October 25-28
What: Expect everything to be highly Instagrammable at this four-day workshop led by these wellness-obsessed social media-ites. On the itinerary: breathwork sessions, indigenous prayer ceremonies, and adaptogenic, organic meals. Accommodations are not included, so hit up Airbnb ASAP.

Wellspring festival in Palm Springs, CA

When: October 26-28
What: If Wanderlust and TED Talks had a baby, it would look something like this. Workshops, classes, and lectures with some of the leaders of the wellness world, from Marianne Williamson and Dave Asprey to Elena Brower and Dr. Mark Hyman. Oh yeah, and Russell Brand. (You’ll prob want to bookmark The Glassy’s healthy guide to Palm Springs before you go.)

The Practice of Loving Kindness with Sharon Salzberg and Stephen Cope in Stockbridge, MA

When: October 26-28
What: If you’re that person who loves to remind everyone, “Sharon Salzberg’s book changed my life,” here’s your chance to experience the beloved meditation guru’s Loving Kindness ethos IRL at the old-school Kripalu Center.

Surf with Amigas advanced co-ed shortboard retreat in Northern Costa Rica

When: October 27-November 3
What: Once a year Holly Beck (yes, the Holly Beck) hosts a surf retreat specifically for more advanced riders who are ready to ride their first barrel. Bring your shortboard and plan to surf at dawn, after breakfast, after lunch…really, any time the swell looks good.

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