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Surf in Weligama Bay Sri Lanka
Photo: Courtesy of Ceylon Sliders

The perfect healthy day in Weligama, Sri Lanka

Yoga, surf, curry, repeat.

by Allison Tate | 07.02.2018

From year-round dawn patrol-worthy waves to a local culture steeped in Ayurvedic principles, Sri Lanka has emerged as this near-mythical wellness destination for anyone looking to escape from…well, everywhere else. It’s the place you go if the crowds in San Juan del Sur are stressing you out, or after you’ve tried out every single yoga studio in Ubud and are ready for something new.

And though the small island off of India’s southeastern coast landed on the radars of in-the-know adventurers back in the ’70s, with its 25-year-long civil war winding down in the late-aughts it’s finally getting a chance to bask in the (palm tree-lined) tourist circuit spotlight.

The bright blue water and perfect ocean breeze are only the beginning of why Sri Lanka has become a bona fide destination—and there’s no better place to start than the sleepy surf village of Weligama.

This town offers up 360-degree views of beyond-lush nature—and everything from sunrise yoga sessions to fun waves to help you take advantage of it all.

Located on Sri Lanka’s south coast and nestled between a meandering river and the stunning Weligama Bay, this town offers up 360-degree views of beyond-lush nature—and everything from sunrise yoga sessions to fun waves to help you take advantage of it all. And once you get off the main road running through town (which is surprisingly bustling), you’ll find side streets that will help you take a deep breath and just chill out.

To get there, your best bet is flying into Colombo International Airport before getting a car or train to Weligama—the latter takes an extra hour (three total) but the tracks run along the coast, allowing for breathtaking views (not to mention a much slower pace that, let’s be honest, you probably were looking for anyway). The town’s train station is a small but busy hub set in the center of town, and from here you’re a short walk to the beach, or a quick tuk tuk ride from all local accommodations.

Here’s how to have the perfect healthy day in Weilgama, Sri Lanka:

Ceylon Sliders yoga class in Weligama Sri Lanka

Photo: Courtesy of Ceylon Sliders

Move: sunrise yoga

Sun salutations as the sun rises just might be the dream wake-up call to start your day. The boutique hotel Ceylon Sliders offers a rooftop vinyasa class at 6:30 a.m. (AKA just as the sun begins to peek over the Indian Ocean) for 1200 rupees, or about $7.50. Bonus: You’ll get to use a mat from the magical—not to mention sustainable—Live Whole Yoga. Early mornings not your thing? Pop over for their evening Yin classes, which are offered twice a week from 6-7 p.m.

9 New Galle Road Rest House Junction, Weligama; +94-76-359-4734

Breakfast: The Cafe

Stick around after yoga—the hotel’s cafe in the Instagram-worthy courtyard serves a banging breakfast, complete with power bowls and smoothies. Even better? The entire menu was consulted on via holistic chef Dani Smith, so you really can’t go wrong.

9 New Galle Road Rest House Junction, Weligama; +94-76-359-4734

Nomad Cafe vegan food in Weligama Sri Lanka

Photo: @nomadsrilanka

Relax: Good Spa

The sun in Sri Lanka is no joke, so hop in a tuk tuk and head over to Good Spa, a well-shaded wellness center located on a lush river. (Think all the greenery.) The full-body massage won’t disappoint, and you can rinse off in one of their open-air showers before enjoying a refreshing cup of mint tea.

Polwatta River Side, Mahavatta, Weligama; +94-77-932-2577

Lunch: Nomad Cafe

Zoodles, avo toast, and a slew of other veg- and vegan-friendly options round out the menu at this all-day-brunch spot in the center of town. Plus, it’s the spot to go if you’re looking to scratch that iced matcha itch. Don’t forget that you’re on island time—so say yes to sticking around for desert and order one of their vegan cakes. [Editor’s note: Nomad Cafe is closed for renovations until July 2018.]

640 Matara Road, Weligama; +94-77-881-2155

Surf in Weligama Bay Sri Lanka

Photo: Courtesy of Ceylon Sliders

Surf: Weligama Bay or Taprobane Island

With the sun no longer bearing down, you can hit the water and not worry about getting scorched. There are a slew of spots renting surfboards right on Weligama Bay—seasoned surfers can paddle out on their own—or arrange a surf guide to take you out towards Sri Lanka’s famous Taprobane Island (Ceylon Sliders can book one for 6000 rupees, or about $38, board rental included). There are gentle waves that break by the small piece of land just off the bay, and they’re definitely beginner-friendly.

Dinner: Chef Akila Kitchen

Surf, shower, and then jump in a tuk-tuk for a quick ride to Chef Akila Kitchen. This tiny, open-air restaurant hangs off the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean and serves what is, in my opinion, the best curry in Sri Lanka. The food is fresh, the waitstaff friendly, and the tiki bar next door perfect for capping off the meal.

241/16 Awariyawatta Kapparatota, Weligama; +94-71-193-0068

Sleep: Ceylon Sliders

There are many reasons to fall for this boutique hotel—the aforementioned morning yoga, the dreamy courtyard cafe, the well-appointed rooms—but chief among them is the fact that sustainability is one of Ceylon Sliders’ core values. Think solar panels heating the water, reusable stainless steel straws served with drinks, and refillable glass bottles instead of flimsy plastic ones placed in your room. If the day’s activities don’t help you rest easy, this certainly will.

9 New Galle Road Rest House Junction, Weligama; +94-76-359-4734

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