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Air Travel

If you drink one thing on the plane, make it this

It's ridiculously easy to DIY post-security.

by Clark Williams | 07.05.2018

When it comes to keeping her immune system boosted, artist and herbalist Melissa Parke Rousseau swears by steeping leaves (think nettle) in cold water for eight-plus hours. Which is great when you’re chilling at a fully stocked Airbnb, but on the airplane? You’ll have TSA confiscating your Ball jar faster than you can say, “I have Pre-Check!”

Which is why Rousseau tweaks her routine when she’s airborne—and her on-the-go tonic is so simple, you can DIY it from your seat.

Healthiest drink on an airplaneIt all starts with a base of hot water, which you can find once you’ve gone through security (oh hai, Starbucks) or on the plane.

Next step? Add a tea bag—nettle is great for immunity, but lately Rousseau has been obsessed with Spring Dragon’s gynostemma tea. “It’s an overall body tonic that’s supportive and nourishing, and it has a touch of sweetness so you don’t necessarily need to add Stevia or honey,” she explains. Which doesn’t mean you must lay off the sweet stuff; “I definitely recommend people take honey when they travel if they’re not vegan,” Rousseau notes.

Then, add a squeeze of citrus. “I’d highly recommend lemon because it helps you stay hydrated,” she says. If you don’t have time to pick one up pre-flight from the grocery store, you can ask nicely for a few slices at the terminal (hi again, Starbucks) or on the plane.

Next, scoop some chia seeds into the hot water mixture. “I would put a couple of tablespoons into that and let the chia plump up,” she explains. Not only are they all-stars when it comes to omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber, but because chia seeds absorb about 30 times their weight in water (yes, really), they’ll actually help your body retain electrolytes for longer—meaning you’ll stay hydrated for longer.

“The key to all of this is hydration and keeping our respiratory passages moist and cleansed.”

The last step: Add in a few drops of your fave tincture. “For the flight you’d want to take tinctures that are already really potent and ready to go, but also small enough that you can travel with them,” says Rousseau. It might be an anxiety-busting blend if you get stressed when in transit, or a super-concentrated version of an immune system fave like chaga. Whatever it is, stick with your usual dosage since you don’t want to mess with your system too much.

And then, “just keep sipping on it,” recs Rousseau. “The key to all of this is hydration and keeping our respiratory passages moist and cleansed. Hot water with lemon, tea, and tinctures is a beautiful way to do that.” We can cheers to that.

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