I went to Marrakech in search of magic

In surfing, glassy describes perfect conditions; when there’s no wind or chop, and instead the surface of the water—waves and all—is smooth as glass. It’s easy, it’s effortless, it’s ideal.

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Jessica Yatrofsky's packing tips
Photos: Jessica Yatrofsky
Packing Guides

The Pack: Jessica Yatrofsky

You'll always find chakra glasses and CBD oil in the artist-slash-space consultant's carry-on bag.

by Jessica Yatrofsky | 09.24.2019

The Traveler: Jessica Yatrofsky, artist, author and certified KonMari “space whisperer”
Base: Brooklyn, NY
Destination: Marina di Pisa, Italy

I typically travel for art-related reasons, whether I’m working on a new film or photo project, giving a lecture, appearing on a panel, performing, curating, or exhibiting—it always involves art somehow.

I typically don’t set out to plan “vacations”; they just happen to me.

I pepper in domestic and international trips every few months, depending on appearances connected to current projects. And I travel to Berlin for Gallery Weekend and Miami for Art Basel once a year. I typically don’t set out to plan “vacations”; they just happen to me. I find pleasure in traveling for my work, and moments of respite are always a focal point on these trips. Win-win.

I feel more open and spontaneous when traveling, and that allows me to slow down and experience beauty—something that directly influences my practice and the work I do. It always offers a new perspective and frees up mental space, inspiring new ideas and activating old ones.

Jessica Yatrofsky's travel and packing tips

On a recent trip to Italy, for example, I had to travel from Marina di Pisa back to Rome to catch an early flight home to New York City. The issue was that I planned on taking the train from Pisa to the airport in Rome, but there were no trains leaving early enough from Pisa the day of my flight.

Faced with potentially having to cut my beach vacation short, I decided to rent a car and drive directly to the airport from Pisa. I was initially irritated that this would mess up my return plans and place me under unnecessary stress, but the decision to drive actually turned out to be the perfect solution.

My travel mantra? Care less, carry less and stay grounded.

Not only did I save myself from the hassle of having to lug my things on a train and into a taxi, I got to enjoy the most beautiful scenic ride and saw parts of the country I wouldn’t have otherwise. I even got a chance to stop and smell the sunflowers!

As a certified KonMari consultant with a focus on aesthetic and creative-inspired living, what I take with me on the road is just as important as what’s in my home. That’s why I’ve been practicing intentional packing—it’s a form of mindfulness, where you’re really present in the process. My travel mantra? Care less, carry less and stay grounded.

Jessica Yatrofsky's travel and packing tips

I swear by organizing cubes from CalPak, and I can’t say enough about the Rowledge backpack from Lo & Sons. It’s super light and fits everything I need on-the-go. If I’m traveling for work, I tote the Claremont, which is a custom bag just for DSLR cameras.

Another one of my essentials for remaining balanced and feeling comfortable are chakra glasses. I have a pretty extensive collection that include a wide color spectrum, and when I travel I typically take two pairs. You’ll see me sporting chakra glasses in the terminal, at the grocery store, on the street—literally everywhere.

You’ll see me sporting chakra glasses in the terminal, at the grocery store, on the street—literally everywhere.

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards my aqua and magenta pairs, since aqua is great for relaxation and magenta is good for internal balance. Anyone moving through a New York City security checkpoint can appreciate the need to remain calm.

A quick and easy way I relax and reconnect to my body when I’m feeling tense and ungrounded abroad is through hair healing. I like ABL Studios’ hair oil, and always pack my bamboo brush from My Wood Is Good.

Traveling with art can make it tough to practice my minimalist principles when packing, but I do my best to pare down my personal belongings and, for example, ship whatever I can in advance of an event.

If it’s possible, I need to fly direct or with the least amount of connections as possible because, sadly, I have a fear of flying, making boarding, deboarding and reboarding a whole big ordeal for me mentally. (A private jet would be ideal!)

Traveling with art can make it tough to practice my minimalist principles when packing.

I carry essential oils when I travel that help to both curb my anxiety and mask the variety of “interesting” smells one comes in contact with. I love the Calming Vata Aroma Oil from VPK, and anything with lavender is a staple to stay chill.

Jessica Yatrofsky's travel and packing tips

As soon as I board a plane, I wash my face and slather on Glossier eye cream, moisturizer, and lip balm…and then promptly go to sleep. Regardless of whether it’s day or night, doesn’t matter, knock me out! I prefer to sleep on planes to reduce anxiety. Kana’s Lavender Sleeping Mask does the trick and makes my skin glow.

Did I mention I have anxiety? Standard Dose’s CBD Tincture comes in handy for long flights, and can be taken sublingually. For keeping warm and cozy-chic inflight, I usually wear Lou & Grey’s Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweats.

I’m a vegan, and swear by Sakara’s plant-based goodies. I’m obsessed with their Life Source and Metabolism Powder—they’re individually wrapped and easy to stash in your carry-on—their Energy Bars are my go-to plane snacks, and their Detox Tea is a perfect post-travel beverage.

Perhaps most importantly, when I travel I practice Transcendental Meditation. It’s good for creating mental space on any journey—I never leave home without it!

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