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Healthy travel chia pudding recipe
Photo: Unsplash/Toa Heftiba
Pack & Prep

This beyond-easy recipe is your travel “emergency meal”

Don't let hanger ruin your trip.

by Rebecca Willa Davis | 03.21.2018

Sage Dammers and AnnaBlanca Teleky are not your average travelers. Long trips, short trips, doesn’t matter: The Los Angeles-based duo refuse to give up their wellness habits.

“I will make the biggest meal—like, two meals’ worth of food—for a flight,” admits Dammers, the herbalist (and onetime mastermind behind Erewhon Market’s beloved tonic bar) who launched superfood chocolate brand Addictive Wellness. Teleky, his co-founder (who previously worked with start-ups in the alternative health-care space), chimes in: “We always have this debate—should we put cultured vegetables in the salad? Because the people on the plane will be like, Ugh!” (Spoiler alert: They usually eat their fermented veggies in the airplane bathroom, out of respect for their fellow flyers.)

But even the most obsessive of travelers can find themselves in situations where they can’t even find a limp leaf of iceberg lettuce. And that’s why Dammers and Teleky never leave home without what they’ve dubbed their “insurance”—an emergency meal that they can make anytime, anywhere, and not feel like crap after. “I bring enough ingredients with me so that if I can’t find any healthy, clean food when I travel, I’ll be able to make something,” says Sage.

“It probably won’t win any culinary awards, but for a halfway decent-tasting way to get a serious superfood meal in your body when traveling, this is a great solution.”

The end result is a nutrient-packed chia seed pudding that doesn’t require access to a refrigerator, oven, or stove. “It probably won’t win any culinary awards, but for a halfway decent-tasting way to get a serious superfood meal in your body when traveling, this is a great solution,” he notes. “It takes out the stress.”

That’s not the only upside: The list of buzzy ingredients (all of which would win you a wellness Bingo game—think lucuma, mesquite, spirulina…) will keep you satiated as they provide a decent serving of proteins and healthy fats, are all TSA-friendly, and won’t weigh you down. “Powders are relatively light for packing in your luggage, so you can have enough food to keep you going for a week or more,” Dammers points out. He’ll usually figure out how many days of eating insurance he needs to get—and then in a sealable bag pre-mixes enough portions.

“This recipe opens up the frontiers, allowing you to travel to places where there is absolutely no healthy food available and still know that your body is getting the best nutrition possible,” he says. Need proof? “One time I was on an island next to Bali where there was no health food. All I had was just half of an empty coconut shell—and that was my bowl, and I was stirring up my stuff in there!”

Going on a trip? Here’s how to prep your in-case-of-emergency meal (coconut shell bowl optional):

The Ultimate Travel Meal
4 Tbsp chia seeds
1 cup water
2 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 Tbsp mesquite powder
1 Tbsp lucuma powder
1 Tbsp chlorella powder
1 Tbsp spirulina powder
3 Tbsp hemp protein or 2 Tbsp brown rice protein
1 tsp astragalus powder
1 tsp cordyceps powder
1-2 Tbsp melted coconut oil or MCT oil
10-20 drops of Omica Butterscotch Toffee Stevia (depending on how sweet you like it)

1. Stir the chia seeds into the water and keep stirring until it becomes a thick gel.

2. Then mix in the remaining ingredients, adding the Stevia last to taste.

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