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Best healthy souvenirs from Palm Springs, CA
Photos: Chieko Kato

Take it home with you: Palm Springs

The best souvenirs (that aren't date trees) from the sunny Cali city.

by Clark Williams | 02.21.2018

Real talk: The ultimate Palm Springs souvenir is definitely taking one of the sunny SoCal city’s striking desert-modernism homes with you. But unless you’ve got a couple million (and a wide-bed trailer) at the ready, there are a handful of other life-enhancing souvenirs that are a bit more plane-friendly to opt for instead.

They’re all $20 and under–and even better is that tracking them down is an experience in and of itself. Whether you’re hitting up a date farm en route to Indio, snapping selfies in front of one of the 3,000 cacti and succulents at Moorten Botanical Garden, or curious about what, exactly, a legal dispensary looks like (FYI recreational marijuana sales are legal in the city, meaning you just need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid ID to pop into PSA Organica), you can memorialize the moment with a take-home gift.

Here are the best healthy(ish) souvenirs in Palm Springs, no trust fund necessary:

Perrywinkles CBD Hemptation Bar , $14

Like a Kind Bar, but with all the anxiety-busting benefits you get from CBD. (Although this one’s available at PSA Organica, it has no THC in it—meaning it’s not psychoactive at all.)

Find it: PSA Organica, 400 East Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA

Moorten Botanical Garden Succulent , $3

Transporting a cactus via carry-on might be tricky, but one of the pint-sized succulents at this quirky-iconic “cactarium” can easily make the trip back home. (Ask owner Clark Moorten nicely and he’ll make sure yours gets wrapped up for transport.)

Find it: Moorten Botanical Garden, 1701 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

El Buen Cacao 80% Raspberry Chocolate Bar , $6

The best locally made chocolate you can find in the area (the brand’s based in Idyllwild, on the other side of Mount San Jacinto)—not only are there just three ingredients in every bar, but they’re all organic to boot.

Find it: Harvest Health Foods, 73910 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA

Lemon Haze Terpene Lozenges , $10

Don’t let he name fool you—there’s no cannabis in this tin. What you will find are tangy lozenges that utilize the body-boosting terpenes (aka essential oils) also found in a range of, ahem, plants for a quick holisitic healing hit.

Find it: Headies Boutique, 333 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

The Body Deli Green Detox Soap , $12

This super-nourishing, small-batch soap bar from local fave The Body Deli shares an ingredients list with your a.m. smoothie: sprouted wheat grass, barley grass, and oat grass juice, along with spinach, kale, spirulina, chlorella, and kelp (among other wait-is-this-for-real components). And in case you were wondering, it actually smells lovely, thanks to the uplifting spearmint fragrance.

Find it: The Body Deli, 73910 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA

Dates R Us 4-Kind Combination , $5

If you can’t make it to one of the area’s many date farms (Oasis Date Gardens and 7 Hot Dates are both organic options, FYI), the night market every Thursday in Palm Springs is filled with stalls proffering pre-packed options.

Find it: Palm Springs Village Fest, Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

Leaf of Life Wellness Lavender Dead Sea Soak , $20

This tub of CBD-infused bath salt will melt away any muscle pain—from cross-country flights or otherwise.

Find it: Headies Boutique, 333 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

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