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Best healthy Paris souvenirs
Photos: Chieko Kato / Illustrations: Lilah Montgomery

Take it home with you: Paris

Healthy souvenirs that your friends won’t hate from the City of Lights.

by Rebecca Willa Davis | 04.03.2018

The first time I went to Paris, I brought back a pair of knee-grazing black suede boots. They had delicate white stitching around the ankle, and I was convinced that they were hands-down the coolest souvenir ever—even though they were from a store that I’d probably never step foot in stateside.

That’s the magic of shopping abroad: Even the simplest, most quotidian item picked up at a supermarket becomes an exotic relic once you make it through US Customs.

When The Glassy did its tour of Paris, we were searching out the best kale salad in the city and the perfect place to get your HIIT on, yes, but also kept an eye out for things. Healthy-ish things that you could easily stow in your suitcase (after all, Norwegian Air isn’t messing around with their weight restrictions), and excitedly want to gift a bud…or keep for yourself because they’re that awesome.

The only other rule? They had to be 20 euros or less (hey, those green juices and Tata Harper facials don’t pay for themselves).

Here’s what you should take home with you when you visit Paris.

Best healthy Paris souvenirs

Maison de la Spiruline Spiruline Comprimes, 15 euros

The clean black-white-green packaging from this French brand elevates the whole “popping an algae supplement” thing. (And you can gift widely: Their capsules are non-GMO, dairy- and gluten-free, and vegetarian-, kosher- and halal-approved.)

Find it: Wild and the Moon Corner, 25 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris

Healthy Paris SouvenirsEvian Fruits & Plantes Water, 3 euros

The most French souvenir ever—rose water-infused Evian—which you can either pick up at a corner store and stash in your checked bag, or grab a couple of bottles for the friends you forgot to shop for while you’re waiting to board your flight at Charles de Gaulle.

Find it: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 1, Roissy-en-France

Best healthy Paris souvenirs

Buly Opiat Dentaire Mint Menthe Coriandre Concombre, 20 euros

Gifting someone toothpaste sounds really strange (or passive aggressive) until you see this tube from circa-1803 Parisian apothecary Buly. Picking up a tube in every flavor so you can keep one for yourself isn’t required, but is strongly encouraged.

Find it: l’Officine Universelle Buly, 6 Rue Bonaparte, Paris

Best healthy Paris souvenirs

Mariage Freres Casablanca The, 14 euros

You could spend hours sniffing the different infusion options at Mariage Frere, but to save you time at the 164-year-old tea house’s (many) Paris boutiques, reach for a black tin of Casablanca. The crowd-pleaser features black, green, and mint tea (with a hint of bergamot, swoon).
Find it: Mariage Freres, 35 Rue du Faubourg Tibourg, Paris

Healthy Paris souvenirs

Wild & The Moon Sprouted Granola, 10 euros

The Parisian wellness elixir cafe already has a cult following stateside—so bringing back a bag of Wild & the Moon’s ridiculously healthy, deliciously crunchy sprouted granola is the now-age traveler’s version of gifting a box of Ladurée macarons (only no one will care if it gets crushed in your carry-on bag).

Find it: Wild and the Moon Corner, 25 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris

Best healthy souvenirs Paris

Huygens Le Baume Francais, 12 euros

Fact: There’s no such thing as too much lip balm—and this one from the Paris-based natural apothecary, with its art nouveau packaging detailing, is a chic upgrade from the cartoonishly bright red tubes of Labello people used to bring back from Europe.

Find it: Huygens, 24 Rue du Temple, Paris

Best healthy souvenirs Paris

Beendhi Bouillon Le Tonique, 5 euros

Like a bouillon cube, but way better—this one’s a ginger-turmeric blend that you can simmer into broths or stews, or mix into vinaigrettes. Plus, it’s France’s equivalent of certified organic.

Find it: OPOA, 30 Rue Albert Thomas, Paris

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