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What to pack for healthy travel
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Pack & Prep

6 crazy wellness items you’re not packing (but should be)

Blender, anyone?

by Rebecca Willa Davis | 06.26.2018

There are the things that everyone packs when they’re going on a trip: a toothbrush, a change of clothes, an ID.

But for a certain class of wellness worshipers, it’s an opportunity to think outside of the (overhead bin-sized) box.

Take Sage Dammers and AnnaBlanca Teleky, the brains behind the superfood chocolate brand Addictive Wellness: They’re the type of travelers who seek out natural springs wherever they travel (and then buy five-gallon glass jugs to fill up with the ultra-pure water).

“You’ll be breathing in all kinds of things when you’re traveling, and you want to flush it out after”

Why the obsession with keeping up their healthy routine when they’re away from home? “So many people leading up to travel push and push and push and push—especially if it’s vacation travel—and then they get sick as soon as they go on the trip because the body finally succumbs,” says Dammers. 

Needless to say, what makes it into their suitcases is meant to optimize their health no matter where they are. But it’s not exactly typical—at least, not if you’ve never contemplated trying to fit a blender into your carry-on.

But if you’re ready to level up, here’s how to pack like a wellness guru.

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

When you’re prepping your carry-on bag, grab your neck pillow… and a bottle of molecular hydrogen tablets. “Hydrogen acts as a very powerful selective antioxidant, and it really helps to counteract the effects of radiation,” says Dammers, who recommends dropping a tablet in your beverage cart-procured cup of water every 90 minutes during a flight. “From that I’ve really felt way less of a toxic effect from the flight,” he insists.

Bee Propolis Spray

Not only does this immune system booster (a resin-like substance that’s been dubbed “bee glue”) prevent colds, but in spray form it’s way easier to transport than a sticky jar of honey. Teleky swears by Beekeeper’s Naturals, which makes a TSA-friendly 1.06-ounce bottle.

Astragalus Powder

This is one of Dammer’s favorite herbs to take pre-trip (and not just because it has the best name ever). “It improves what’s called the wei chi, which is a protective energy that runs over the surfaces of your body; it’s like the front lines of your system,” he says. He recommends taking a teaspoon of the immune-booster a day—and no, it won’t make you gag. “It’s such a gentle-tasting herb compared to most tonic herbs, so you can actually put it in a bit of water or, if you feel comfortable with it, just put the powder straight in your mouth and chew it up,” Dammers adds. (He’s also got a travel-friendly chia pudding recipe featuring astragalus that you can try.)

Restore Sinus Spray

“You’ll be breathing in all kinds of things when you’re traveling, and you want to flush it out after,” says Dammers. “That stuff hasn’t made its way into your system yet, but it’s right there, on the precipice—so get rid of it!” To do that, you can use a neti pot—but if the thought of schlepping around what amounts to a mini tea kettle (or using it on an airplane) is a deal breaker, the couple has recently fallen hard for Restore’s alkaline liquid nose spray. “It’s one of the most powerful things for gut health out there at the moment,” insists Dammers.

NutriBullet Blender

Long trips, short trips—doesn’t matter: If Dammers and Teleky are traveling, they’re taking a blender with them. But before you get stressed at the thought of making space for your Vitamix, know that the duo opt for size over strength. “We’ll take a smaller, more portable blender like a NutriBullet,” Dammers notes.

Fermented Vegetables

Because airplane food has never equaled gut-friendly food, the duo always bring fermented veggies with them onto a flight. Yes, really: “I flew with a one-liter jar of [fermented vegetables] from Los Angeles to Paris one time and I went in the bathroom and ate them in there so that people wouldn’t freak out,” admits Sage. “The guy who walked into the bathroom after me was looking at me really funny.” He always reaches for ones from Healing Movement, which makes “ones that just melt in your mouth” (yes, that’s a good thing).

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